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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a number of important questions here. If you have another question or comment, we would be happy to receive it. Use our contact form for this.
Damage to your belongings is annoying. It is even more annoying if this damage is not compensated if you had expected this. Most helpers do not work as an entrepreneur and are not liable for damage they accidentally make for you while working. A number of all-risk insurance policies cover this damage. It is important to be clear about this in advance and to take out another policy if necessary.
Domestic workers
Where people work, things can get damaged. Your liability insurance will not compensate for this damage. If you are an entrepreneur and you have liability insurance, you can report the damage to your insurance. If you are a private person, damage that you accidentally incurs is at the risk of the customer. Discuss with your customer in advance whether they have good insurance. And is there any damage? Always pass this on to the customer because honesty is the best policy.